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Gateway Power Supply 102015 6500914 6500936 DPS-300PB-3A

Gateway Power Supply 102015 6500914 6500936 DPS-300PB-3A Our Price: $39.00


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  • 24-Pin Motherboard Connector 
  • Newton Power Limited Model: NPS-300BB C
  • HiPro Model: HP-P3087F3.
  • Delta Model: DPS-300PB-3C
  • Bestec Model: ATX-300-12EB3 REV:S2
  • NEW.  30 day warranty.

Used in but not limited to these models:  GT5018f, GT5016f, GT5068E, GT5056H, GT4010, GT5028H, 827GM, GM4019H, GT4015E, GT5058, GM4019E, GT3210m, GT3212m, 836GH, GT5034, GT3214M, GM5045E, 707JP, 420GR, 704GE, 702GE, 554GE, 815GM, 505GH, 566GE, 820GM, 507GR, 825GM, 550MX, GT3040m, GT3025M, GT5026E, GT5064, GT3020m, GT5018E, 831GH, GT3030M, GT5040, GT5014H, GT5016E, 831GM, GT5016H, 836GH, GT5014, GM5066E, GM5048, E-4300 6-Bay Tower, B-530, E-6300-1, 5310SE, 5200S, 5200X, 5200XL, 3250S, 3200SB, 3250X, DX300S, E-4610D, DX100X, E-6500D, 5310S, DX210X, DX210S, 9310XL, S-5600D, DX310S, DX300QS, GM5046b, GT5056b, GT5054b, GT5042b, GM5074b, 9310XL.

Part Numbers: 100889, 102015, 102544, 102839, 6500914, 6500936, 6500937, 6506047R, TMD150727, TMEHP-P3057FW, TMEHP-P3087F3(H01), TMENPS-300BB, TMENPS-300BBC, WMD6500936, WMD6500937, WMEDPS-300PB-3C], WMEHP-P3087F3 HIPRO
(Multiple P/N's are interchangeable and ship based on availability)


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