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Gateway NV52 NV53 NV54 NV56 NV58 NV59 15.6" L & R LCD Hinge/ Bracket

Gateway NV52 NV53 NV54 NV56 NV58 NV59 15.6 Our Price: $19.00


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  • Replace your old broken 15.6" LCD left and right hinge/ LCD brackets.
  • Part number: 34.4BU10.011, 34.4B09.011, 33WBM01003, 33WBM01004, 33.WBM01.003, 33.WBM01.004 
  • Includes: Left and right 15.6" LCD Bracket. 
  • Refurbished and fully tested
  • New 30 Day warranty

For Gateway NV52 Series Models:  MS2274, NV5207u, NV5211u, NV5212u, NV5213u, NV5214u, NV5215u, NV5216u

For Gateway NV53 Series Models:   MS2285, NV5302u, NV5331u, NV5332u, NV5333u, NV5334u, NV5336u, NV5337u, NV5356u, NV5362u, NV5369zu, NV5370u, NV5373u, NV5376u, NV5378u, NV5380u, NV5381u, NV5383u, NV5384u, NV5385u, NV5386u, NV5387u, NV5388u, NV5389u, NV5390u,NV5394u

For Gateway NV53A Models:  NV53A24u, NV53A05u, NV53A11u, NV53A32u, NV53A33u, NV53A36u

For Gateway NV54 Series Models:  MS2273, NV5421u, NV5423u, NV5425u, NV5435u, NV5453u, NV5462u, NV5465u, NV5468u, NV5469zu, NV5470u, NV5473u, NV5474u, NV5478u

For Gateway NV56 Series Models:  MS2274, NV5602u,NV5606u, NV5610u, NV5613u, NV5614u, NV5615u

For Gateway NV58 Series Models:  MS2273, NV5807u, NV5810u, NV5814u, NV5815u, NV5820u

For Gateway NV59 Sereis Models:  MS2288, NV5911u, NV5913u, NV5915u, NV5917u, NV5918u, NV5921u, NV5922u, NV5923u, NV5925u, NV5926u, NV5927u, NV5928u, NV5929u, NV5930u, NV5931u, NV5932u, NV5933u, NV5935u, NV5936u, NV5937u

Part Numbers: 33.WBM01.003, 33.WBM01.004, 33WBM01003, 33WBM01004, 34.4B09.011, 34.4BU09.011, 34.4BU10.011, 344B09011, 344BU09011, 344BU10011
(Multiple P/N's are interchangeable and ship based on availability)


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