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Gateway SX2800-01 Motherboard MB.G8101.001 DIG43L/a Greyhound 48.3AJ01.011

Gateway SX2800-01 Motherboard MB.G8101.001 DIG43L/a Greyhound 48.3AJ01.011 Our Price: $49.00


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  • Skt 775 Mainboard for Gataway SX2800.
  • Intel G43 ICH10
  • Form Factor: DTX
  • Gateway P/N: MB.G8101.001, MBG8101001, MB.G8101.002.
  • DIG43/aGreyhound, 08180-1, 48.3AJ01.011.
  • Supports up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM (64-bit OS ONLY).
  • NEW.  30 way warranty.

Tech Note PLEASE READ:  There are multiple p/n's used in Gateway SX Series.  It is very important to verify P/N before ordering.  P/N is located near memory slots on the board.  Make sure the p/n you order matches your original board.

Part Numbers: 08180-1, 48.3AJ01.011, MB.G8101.001, MB.G8101.002, MBG8101001, MBG8101002
(Multiple P/N's are interchangeable and ship based on availability)

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